Book Review

At the moment I am reading Howzat by Brett Lee and Michael Panckridge. It has different stories about cricket. I recommend the book to people that like cricket or want to just read a good book. I especially like the book because I love cricket. I am only up to the first story but the next one looks good. The first story is about a boy who goes to a cricket camp with his friend. His worst enemy is also there so it all goes pear shaped. There is also another book called Hatrick it is the second book.

Mind, Body, Soul

For the last few weeks the 5/6’s have been doing activities about the human body. We have done rotations that include meditation, pit of lava,Sudoku and tongue twisters. All of them had something to do with body and the mind. Throughout the time we did the mind stuff we have found out what sort of learner we are. I was surprised that I was a bodily kinaesthetic learner. I thought I was going to be a musical learner because I play and listen to music. Most people got bodily kinaesthetic learner as well. Some of my friends got musical and interpersonal learners as well as bodily kinaesthetic learners. Thanks for listening. Please leave a comment. Thankyou.

All About Me

Hi my name is Josh I am 10 turning 11 this year. I love sport and jet skiing. I love cricket because my dad use to play for South Africa. I have 1 brother Hunter and a 1 year old dog KoKo. I can’t wait for my trip to England in March. My favourite colours are blue and red. My favourite animal is the cheetah. I go to St Therese Torquay. I have blue eyes and white skin. I like to create things and build things. My dog KoKo is really cheeky because she wrecks things and gets into the places she isn’t allowed.