Year 5

When the year sixs were on camp the year 5 students were taught by Miss Larken and Miss Redan. we had so much fun in literacy and maths. In literacy we made books for the preps. In maths we discoverd a game that usesd 10 20 sided dice. Some people used only 2 but Charlie and I used 10. After snack we did drama activites. My group did a surfing play with chairs as waves and boards. After lunch we did a quiz and fitness test. In the quiz we had to answer really hard questions that were somtimes trick questions. In the fitness test we did 9 diffrent activites to build our stamina. On the last day we helped the preps train for atletics day. We did realays, vortex and tunnel ball. That was what we did while the year 6 students were on camp.Thanks for listening about our time while the year 6 students were on camp.

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