Point of view writing

I strongly beileve footy should be on normal tv for the following reasons…

Firstly if you don’t have foxtel you can’t support and watch your team. You might not be able to afford foxtel or just don’t want it.Then without foxtel you can still support your favourite team.

Secondly you can watch the half time show. The half time show tells you what has happened in the game what might happen and the odds for the next half.

Finnaly footy would be way more popular because more people will watch it because you don’t have to pay for it. If it is on normal tv people will play it and support footy charaties and they will make the footy ratings go so high.

You must agree footy should be on normal tv because every one wants to support their team.

Should countries be allowed to recruit child soldiers

I STRONGLY believe that Children should not be taken to go in a army because…….

Firstly Because they have all their lives to live and they might not be strong enough to kill people.

Secondly they don’t want to kill or hurt anyone. He is making the kids be soldiers and sex slaves. He his making kids cut their parents necks off and kill them.

Finaly They are to young if kony takes anyone he should take other bad guys not inesent people.