My writing piece

I strongly believe Australia is better than England for the following reasons,

Firstly, I think England is bad because they don’t look after the environment very well. When I went over there , there was rubbish everywhere. It was disgusting.

Secondly, I think England is bad because there is so much traffic. Once when I was over there it took seven hours to get seventy kilometres. I could walk faster than the cars. We were allowed to get get out of the car and walk around, then you have to get back into the car and move about 3 metres every so often.

Finally, I think England is bad because everything is so expensive. My friend lives over there and says a can of coke is five pounds. It is so expensive.

You must agree Australia is better than England for a lot of reasons.

Homework- “Go to your room,” my Mother said.

When I was walking down the street I saw the Room Wrecker. This thing is a tiny little creature but it could make your room a BIG mess. It happened to me once and it was so annoying. I don’t want it to happen again for sure. But of course it did. It all started when I was playing Skylanders when suddenly I heard a shout from the top of the stairs, “Go to your room,” my Mother said. I said “Why Mum I am up to the last level”. She said “because your room is a mess”. I ran upstairs and saw a massive mess everywhere. In my head I said whoops. I straight away knew it was the Room Wrecker. It took me three hours to clean it all up I was so annoyed. When I was done I called my Mum and said “done”. She came in and said “great job”. I was so happy I passed, now I can get back to Skylanders I thought in my head. When I got back to Skylanders I finally completed the level I wanted to. Kaos’s Lair.


I think the whole world is wrecking the Bali beaches it isn’t just Austrailan’s doing it. It makes me feel sad about their own beaches getting wrecked every minute. It would be like our beaches getting wrecked infront of our face’s. Would you like that?

100 Word Challenge- “It Wasn’t my fault”.

On the 1st of October it was the Sydney Swans vs the Collingwood Magpies in the AFL Grand final. The game was played at the SCG with a crowd of 70,000. It came down to the last kick where Adam Goodes had a kick at the siren to win the Grand final. He kicked the goal to win by five points but it was a very strong kick so it went up two stands and smashed the commentating. No one knew it happend until someone called and said it smashed. Goodes had to help clean up and say sorry and it wasn’t my fault.

The Amazing Big Bee- 100 Word Challenge

Yesterday 200 people finished the Big Bee. It took 2 years for it to be done. The materialls it was made from were string, spider web, heaps of glue, wool and also steel. They had a lot to do but were very excited when the manager of the project said “Done”. The manager was proud of the creation that the town of Townsville had created. This week it is going in the annual Townsville garden show. It will also be entered in the internatinal compitition for the biggest bug made by man.

5/6 Forum

I Strongly believe that sign language shouldn’t be taught at schools.

Firstly because they could have special schools for sign language. I think they should have special sign language schools because then other people don’t have to learn it as well. Because that might be not very good for people deaf because it might take some time away from their reading, writing and other important lessons.

Secondly because not everyone is deaf. Only 4 in ten people are deaf these days so it is no need for an extra class. They could have the class in high school but you choose if you want to do it or not. That would be better than you have to do it.

Finally because they could do without it at school. The people that are deaf can learn it at home or at the hospital. They don’t have to have it at school if they don’t want to.

I hope you are on the same side as me.

5 word challenge-homework

When the Famous Purple Giraffe was walking down the street he saw a toy ballon rocket. The fire was made from bubble rap witch he thought was odd but he remembered it was flown by a ballon. Then he saw his friend Famous blue Giraffe he showed him the toy rocket. he thought it was so cool he took a photo of it and put it on his blog. Nearly everybody looked at his blog and thought it was so cool he got over 100 comments on the photo he was so proud about it. The Famous Purple Giraffe was so proud of him too.

100 word Challenge

As the pinkem> horse flew over the castle he saw his marvellous friend who was flying past. He was flying so noisly you could hear him from ages away. When they saw each other they stopped flying and hugged for ages and ages when they stopped it was night time thats how long the hugged for they were so suprised. They flew to the nearest horse pub and had dinner there. That was a nice dinner said bob (who is the pink horse) “we should do this more offten” said Bobs freind.

5 Sentence challenge (The Vet)

As I walked My Dog KoKo to the vet I saw tray Dog walk on the road and get hit. I ran to get him narroly missing a car I picked him up and Koko and I ran him to the Vet. When we got there they took him straight into to get operated on. They came out and said I saved the dogs life. He was adopted by me and played so well with KoKo and I.