Homework- “Go to your room,” my Mother said.

When I was walking down the street I saw the Room Wrecker. This thing is a tiny little creature but it could make your room a BIG mess. It happened to me once and it was so annoying. I don’t want it to happen again for sure. But of course it did. It all started when I was playing Skylanders when suddenly I heard a shout from the top of the stairs, “Go to your room,” my Mother said. I said “Why Mum I am up to the last level”. She said “because your room is a mess”. I ran upstairs and saw a massive mess everywhere. In my head I said whoops. I straight away knew it was the Room Wrecker. It took me three hours to clean it all up I was so annoyed. When I was done I called my Mum and said “done”. She came in and said “great job”. I was so happy I passed, now I can get back to Skylanders I thought in my head. When I got back to Skylanders I finally completed the level I wanted to. Kaos’s Lair.

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