My Family

My family is all my life to me because they give me heaps of love give me shelter. My Mum drives me to all my sporting events like footy, soccer,cricket and my training for all of the sports. Dad coaches my cricket team. He allso helps me with stuff that I don’t understand. My brother Hunter is a cool kid because when I need help he will help and I also like playing footy with him in the garden. My dog Koko is a funny dog. Because when we to see her she rools on her back and wants a tummy rub.

I have the best family.

100 word challenge/ Night Zoo Keeper

Alert Alert random animal in the zoo. We have reports of a random animal taking over our zoo. It has taken attraction from other animals like the Elephant and the Meerkats . The random animal is hiding in the tiger elephant enclosure . He is a great hider because he has never been seen before. The night zoo keeper thinks he has found him but no one knows what he will do next. The night zoo keeper is watching the elephant enclosure every night while he plays pairs with the elephant.
What will what will the random animal do next .

Mind,Body and Soul

Soul rotations

Over the last few weeks we did some soul roatations. I was away for 3 of them so i only did 2.

The first one I did was Medetation with Miss Rayson and Miss Readen.
in this roatation we practiced meditation for when we are stressed at night or in the morning. We did 5 diffrent sorts of ways of meditating. The first one was Relaxation i gave this one a 3 out of 5 because it wasn’t that relaxing I don’t think any way. The next one we did is awerness. In this one we laid on the floor and foucoused on just our breathing and tightining our muscles while listening to our breathing. I gave this a 4 out of 5. The next one was Feelings and Sensations. I gave this one a 4 out of 5 because we just blocked out all the sound and relaxed. This one is called validation. This was my favourite Because we got to go outsi and listen to nature. we heard and saw birds, crickets and also Mr Hynes singing. We diden’t do the last one because we didn’t have time. I wonder how will this help me relax and carm down.

Combo Station

We did combo station with Mr Hynes in this station we could do skeching, Ipads, computers, puzzle games and also picture story books. In skeching we went outside and drew what we saw. On the Ipads we tested our skills on angrybirds and scribblenaghts. Then we did puzzle games. We played rush hour, hoppers and train conductor.
Then I did computers. On computers we got on to Brain bashers. We looked at illousions. They were so cool. The last one we did was picture story books. That was good to just have time to your self and read. I wonder why the teachers choose this activity because I think it was great.

Thankyou for reading my soul roatations.