100 Word Challenge-Letter

Dear Fatimata,

I am sorry for you because I love animals as well. Were your animals behaved because my animals are naughty and cheeky. But they are very cute sometimes. Did you think animals were hard work because  I think they are hard work especially my puppy she is very hard too look after. She loves to bite my brothers pants and shoe laseses, she also loves to bark. I would love to meet you one day because you sound really nice. I am going to have to go now so, live safe, love life.

From Josh N

One thought on “100 Word Challenge-Letter

  1. Hi Josh, You have told Fatimata alot about your pets. Don’t forget when you ask a question you need to use a question mark at the end of your question. I like how you’ve ended with ‘live safe, love life’, which is a really nice way to finish your letter. Well done! Miss R

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