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This is a good school I think anyway. I would love to go to this school and just play and learn. In this school you learn maths by making a dream team with player cards. They have to know the stats to create their team. For literacy they have to write a match review. I really had to think about this video because it was so intresting. I would really like to know who made up this awesome school.

One thought on “BTN

  1. Hi Josh,
    I think you may need to watch the clip again as it does tell you how soccer can be used in the different subject areas.
    Your response to this clip lacks a lot of detail and looks a bit rushed to me. Please take the time to complete the BTN response properly next time. Make sure you check to see if your BTN clip is working too before you publish.
    I look forward to reading your next response.
    From Mrs Rayson

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