100 Word challenge-5 words.

The Red Bulls have 2 minutes left in the game. But suddenly the lights go out the sound of feet pounding up the court stops the stadium stops clapping and goes silent. I go outside to try and fix the fuse box. I suddenly hear a noise, the noise was terafying but I had to find the fuse box. I finally find the fuse box but I don’t know whic switch to use. I flick one but it dosen’t work then i filick another, it works. I run into the stadium take off my jumper and start playing the final again.

Feed Back to other students,

I visited Andy and Jared’s post. I said, I think you are a very talented writer. But did you know you put capitals for I. I hope you get show cased because I think you should get show cased. He is from England.

I viseted someone in the England. They did not have spelling mistakes like the other person. I wrote to them,
Hello India,
I like your story. It is different to all of my freinds because someone gets lost in the story. My story is on Basketball. I hope you read it.
See ya

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