Movie Madness

Comparing characters

Gabato is a very funny character in the movie. He was all ways the one that gets in to trouble or has bad things happen to him.

Sean is sort of a very serious character. I think he is sort of the main character in the story. I think he is the main character in the story because I don’t think there ISVs scene without him in it.

Hank is the step dad of Sean. Hank is all ways protecting Sean so Sean thinks he is not a very good dad. But I think he is looking after Sean.

Character interveiw

How long did it take to film this action packed movie?
How many extras did it take to fill the extra parts?
Where was the movie filmed?
How many scenes were there?
Did you change the the script along the way.

Hollywood hotshot

In journey 3 to the moon Sean and Hank try to be the first people on the moon. But some other people want to be the first. They get stuck on the moon together with food from the rocket.

Hits and misses

I loved the comedy in the movie, like when Gabato fell into the gigantic lizard egg.

I also loved the action because it really brought the movie alive.

I really loved the animation of making big animals really small and the small animals really big.

Critic Corner

Ireally loved this movie when I saw it because it was different to all the other movies I have watched. I straight away bought itwhen i went home, because I wanted to show the rest of my family this awesome movie. I would rate this movie 10 gigantic lizard eggs out of 10.

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