My Narrative

This week was a massive game for the Red Bulls. They are playing the Jan Juc Gromets. The Red Bulls were down by one with 50 seconds to go. Josh shoots from 3 and gets it in. The Red Bulls are celebrating with 40 seconds to go. The Gromets get it back, they run it down the court they get near the ring when James rejects Kody. Bailey tries to keep the ball in. He does but he falls into the wall and gets knocked out. He even breaks his leg. The room goes silent….. Then everyone rushes over to help him, he lays on the ground then he finally woke up. He goes straight to hospital. The umpire then says Jump .

The Red Bulls win the jump ball, it is tapped down to Charlie he passes it to Lachlan, Lachlan passes it to Josh then Josh passes it to Cooper and then Cooper gives it to Dylan and Dylan shoots on the siren. The Red Bulls win by 2. They are in the finals against the super sonics.

When the day came to play the Super Sonics. The Red Bulls were very nervous because the Super Sonics were a very good team. The game started at 6:40pm it went for 1 hour and 10 minutes. The game started, the Super Sonics got the first goal. At half time The Super Sonics were up 20-2. The Red Bulls coach Gary Hindle tells the boys “ if you work and run hard you might win”.

The Red Bulls get on the court first they are practising their jump balls, where James taps it down to Charlie. Then they set up their attack. The game starts the Red Bulls start their attack. They get 2 easy goals to start off with. They then got 5 more to nearly be in front, but then the Super Sonics score. Then we score but they score again. It is 20-24 with 2 minutes to go the Red Bulls push up. But it takes too long. The siren goes. The Super Sonics win by 4. After the game we all go and visit Bailey in hospital. We give him a surprise by taking him out taking him out to Bomboras for a basketball breakup.

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