100WC-The race was about to begin…

I was flying over to England in the QANTAS A380. I had the whole Olympic team on the plane with me. The team took up all the 413 seats. I was sitting next to James Magnusan. My event was the 100m sprint. I was up against Usan Bolt. I landed and went straigt to the Olympic Village. My event started in 48 hours. When the day came I was really nervous I got dressed and headed off in my private Limo. When my race was about to begin a streaker ran on the track and injured Usan Bolt. I was happy, but also disappointed. I went on t0 win the race!

Year 5 camp Anglsea


On the 23rd of July the Year 5’s headed off to camp Wilkin in Anglesea, where Bryce the camp leader met us and told us the 4 respects and the rules of  Camp Wilkin. On the first day we were introduced and shown around. Then we walked to the park and did 4 rotations. Hand Fishing, Bush Walking, Bush Art and also Canoeing. It was interesting to see the different art people could make or create. In canoeing no one fell in, everyone was dissapointed because there was no one wet. I give this day a 7/10 fishes.The second day we did another 4 activites, High Ropes, Initiatives, A Bike ride and Rock climbing. My favourite 2 were Initiatives and High Ropes. The most Challenging thing so far has been High Ropes because they were 8 metres high. The high ropes were about  facing your fears and also using your skills to help people cross the challenges without falling off. Initiatives was team work. We had to complete some challenges as a team. We did 5 activites. Bike Riding was to practice your riding skills and getting confidence going fast on your bike. Rock climbing was to see if you could trust your freinds holding you up in the air.  That day I give a 10/10 high ropes.The Third day we did Bush Cooking, Low ropes,  Flying Fox and Archery. The Bush cooking was to learn how to cook damper and cook with a fire. The low ropes were sort of boring because they were so low to the ground. The flying fox was so fun because you sat in a basket and went down the rope. Archery was my favourite. I got a bulls eye and 3 reds and also 4 whites.

The High ropes took me out of my comfort zone because it was high and very narrow. I am most proud of myself trying new things I had never tried before. My favorite thing was the disco because St Aloicios came  as well. The food was so good. The first night we had chicken shniztel the second night we had pasta bake. I give the camp a 10/10 camps. It was awesome fun.