Chain story

Sydneywas on top of the ladder they were playing West Coast who was second place. I could go to a Super Cats Basketball game or go toPerthto see 1v2. I chose to go to the Sydney VS West Coast game because I knew it would be very close. I started to drive to the Airport in my Mini Van. Then the Mini Van broke down. What am I going to do now I asked my self? I couldn’t walk because it was too far so I started to hitch hike, it was risky but the only way to get to the airport. Then I remembered something. It wasn’t the way to the Airport. I sobbed and said why is it always me who gets everything bad happen. It’s not fair, I said. But suddenly I a sign to get to the airport, it was only 1km away, and then I started to run. I made it I thought. There was a helicopter parked next to a little shack. The shack had Michal Jackson written on it. Then the amazing happened Michal Jackson came out of his grave and started killing everyone then Jackie Chan and killed him. Jackie Chan and Witeny Housten wresseling on t6he field then Amy Winehouse joined in then they all went back to their grave and lived happelliy ever after.

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