Blogging challenge

At 5 in the morning Fred woke up and had some wasabi! Then he intruded planet poo with his sushi ship. He also stole sushi. He competed in the paralympics because he was a bit doopy because he had mental problems. The nextday he flew to the North pole and try to take the elfs from santa. Santa then helped his elfs by stinking the place out with his massive fart. Fred ran away and intercomed to his father his father didn’t come because he was in antartic. The sushi meat went of on his ship so his ship died. Then santa came running after him and caught him and said ‘WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE NEXT” Fred replied ” No you Monstrosity“. Then he ran away. He dived into the sea and fell onto a dolphin who was named Max his wife came up (Ella) and helped him carry the fat Fred to surface. Fred went to his home planet and lived happily ever after.