My iPod Touch 8G with Macbook screen reflection
google cricket bat & ball
Waving with the big flag
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365.96 - I'm basically lazy...

I was laying on my bed when I saw a little black fly fly into my room and land on my Ipod, he accidently pressed on instagram he then saw a picture of a angry bird he then flew onto my cricket bat. He flew over it for a while then landed on it, after a while he flew over to my sydney swans flag he stayed on it for like 10 minutes. I think it goes for Collingwood. It then flew to my lego table. It looked like it was pretending to be a police man. He then landed on my penny board then he flew on to my raybans and scratched them he finaly left. he looked everywhere in my room.

5 Card flickr

Five Card Story: The parent boy

a Five Card Flickr story created by Josh N

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

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flickr photo by bionicteaching

I was walking down the dark and gloomy street. I then saw a little boy about eleven writing his mums name on the side of the road in black. An older man then walked past him and spoke to him, I suspected that he was his dad. I walked up to the kid and said, “ does your dad make you do this”. He then replied “yes”. “ where does he hang out all the time because I could get the police on to him”. I said“ he just got back from France, ut he always hangs out at the club and smokes I tell him not to but he doesn’t listen”. “ I’m onto it”. I said to him.

Super Trawler

The super trawler is getting on everyone’s nerves. It is taking away all the fish so kids or all ages can’t do what they love or can catch their dinner the fun way. If the super trawler  stays there will be absolutely no fish left on Australian waters. The government should ban the ship and if it comes back they should sink it because it has come back un allowed.The super Trawler is smaller than the titanic but its nets could fit up to 13 jumbo planes. I think it should be banned.