My Dad

My dad is special to me for lots of different reasons. He is special to me because he has taght me everything I know about cricket. He coaches my team and my brothers team. He has coached my team for 4 years this is the 5th. He also comes out and practices with me every weekend and sometimes week nights. He also practices footy with me in the winter. He always looks out for me and stands up for me when I am down. He is very fair and always tells the truth.

Camp Quality

My group have picked camp quality for our mission day project. We chose this charity because they take kids like the same age as us on fun camps, we think everyone should have fun. They take kids to amps and they also take their parents on the camp to give them a break as well.


The other day we went out to PT Addias and did Surfing lessons and beach activites. First I did the surfing lessons then I did the Beach activites. In surfing the people that had surfed before could go out the back, so they could surf the waves berfore they broke. The other people surfed the white wash. In the beach activites we played cricket and footy. We are going to the beach again.