Student Blogging Challenge

I would love to meet the following people and ask them these questions,

Michael Clarke, I would ask him if he actually likes being australian’s captain.

Adam Goodes, I would love to ask Adam how long it takes to recover from a match of footy.

Adam Gilchrist,I would really like it if I could ask Adam if it hurt is hands and arms when he hit his massive six’s.

Julia Gillard, I would defenetly ask her does she really lie.

Liam Payne, I would love to know if he likes all the attention.

Roger Federa,I wonder if he can concerntrate when he hears all the noise.

Taylor Swift,Do you like everyone remixing your songs.

Kelly Slater, would you use the saying “Practice Makes perfect”.

The Queen, I wonder did she enjoy the Olympics being in her main country.

Harry Styles, I would like to ask him would he like to  learn how to surf.


Student Blogging Challenge






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