The peeing flying lion, also my pet.

“AWWW” my dad screamed. I ran over to him to see if he is okay. He said he saw a lion weeing on another person he said the person was dead. He looked like a person any way. I then said to my dad “can I go look for the lion”. He said yes but only if I took a spear. I said “fine”.  I took the spear but when dad couldn’t see me I threw it away. I then saw a sleeping beauty sleeping in the middle of the forrest. The sleeping beauty is actualy the lion. I went over and poked it. It then lifted its leg and some liquid spourted out and hit me right in the face. I was so surprised i opened my mouth. It was the worst idea. The liquid then went in my mouth, it was disgustingly tasty. I then screamed. He woke up.He then pined me to a tree and opened his mouth. As he was moving foward I yelled out “Freinds”. He then stopped and sat down. I then said roll over. He rolled over, then peed again. Then I heard a fly going around me. “Fly” I said. Meaning it to the fly. But the lion then started to fly. He put his paw out and I grabbed on to it. He pulled me up on to his back and we flew back to my camp. He then stayed the night at my camp. We were leaving the next day so I asked dad if he could come home with us and be my pet. He said “yes”.