weekly post 17-5/13-23/5/13

On saturday I was in sydney. I went to watch my friend play netball. She unfortunately lost by 2 but had a great game. After that I travelled down to Bondi to have a look at the beech and see the life guards. I also had a look at the skate park. The bowl was about 10 metres deep so it was cool to see skaters do there tricks. That night I went to the SCG to watch the swans take on Freo. It was a close game. At the end It was a draw. On sunday I flew back to Melbourne. On Wednesday I played basketball against the swisheroos, we lost but it was Donovans first ever basketball game. It was exciting for him.

weekly post-10/5/13-17/5/13

On Friday it was the mothers day stall. I bought mum a photo frame and a key ring. On saturday I played football against Grovedale. we beat them by more  than 70 points. I then drove up to Melbourne to see the swans take on the hawks. The good thing was I was in a box but the bad thing was we lost. On sunday we drove down to Albert park to go to a clinic run by the swans. I had so much fun. On wednesday I played basketball against the sharks. We unfortunately lost but my team and I played well. On Friday I left early from school to fly to sydney. Read Weekly Post-17/5/13- 23/5/13 to find out about my holiday in Sydney.

Weekly post-3/5/13-10/5/13

On the sunday I played football against Torquay Grossman. I had a sucsessful game kicking 3 goals. We beat them by about 60 points, Which was a great win.  On Tuesday I did a golf clinic. Our focus was chipping. My chipping was alright but I could improve. Then after that I went to footy training.

Cricket – Favourite Things.

My favourite thing is cricket. I love it because my dad used to be a professinol cricketer. I also love watching australia play in one dayers, tests and also 20 twentys. I really love watching the 20 twenty big bash because there are a lot of wickets, 4’s and 6’s. I also play myself. I have played 3 seasons in under 11’s, 1 season in under 13’s and 1 match for seniors. My last season was the first to get recorded. Because in under 11’s it’s just for fun, but in under 13’s there are finals, awards and trophies. I also played a game for seniors, I played with my dad so it was the first father and son game for me and my dad. But I still have many more to come. Here is a link to my profile. My team made it to the semi final but lost.

Weekly Post. 26/4/13-3/5/13

On Anzac day I did a reading at the dawn service. I was reading in front of 9,000 people but I wasn’t nervous. I thought I read well and my mum said I did as well. I also had to lay a wreath for St Therese. When I was called up to lay it they called the wrong name. I was doing it with Maddy Thomson. On the Friday night I played Football against Lara. It wasn’t my best game. On the Monday I competed in school soccer. We lost our first game but won our 2nd and 3rd game. But sadly didn’t make it to the next round. On the Tuesday night I went to Hunters Reconciliation. But For an hour we were watching kids just speak to the preist so it got a little boring. On the Wednesday I played Basketball against Gabe,Ollie and Max’s team. But we didn’t win.

10 Best jobs

  1. Professional sports person. I love sport so much I would be so happy to make a living out of sport.
  2. Event management. I would love to do this job because I love planning events.
  3. Pilot. I would love to be a pilot because I love flying and going through security.
  4. Sports reporter. I would love to be a sports reporter because I get to know all the results of all the games and my favourite thing is sport.
  5. Doctor. I would love to be a doctor because I like seeing cuts and people getting operated on. I love to learn how to do the things they do as well as stuff inside the human body. I like helping people.
  6. Lego designer. I have always loved lego and I have built my own models and added parts to my lego structures over time so I would love to do this Job.
  7. Graphic designer. I love creating new designs and models so I would be so happy to have this job.
  8. Sports Coach. I would love to do this job because I love teaching other people skills I have learnt in my career of sport.
  9. Architect. This would be a good job for me because I love the thought of creating new homes and buildings.
  10. Policeman. I have all ways wanted to be a policeman because I just want to keep everyone safe.