Weekly Post. 26/4/13-3/5/13

On Anzac day I did a reading at the dawn service. I was reading in front of 9,000 people but I wasn’t nervous. I thought I read well and my mum said I did as well. I also had to lay a wreath for St Therese. When I was called up to lay it they called the wrong name. I was doing it with Maddy Thomson. On the Friday night I played Football against Lara. It wasn’t my best game. On the Monday I competed in school soccer. We lost our first game but won our 2nd and 3rd game. But sadly didn’t make it to the next round. On the Tuesday night I went to Hunters Reconciliation. But For an hour we were watching kids just speak to the preist so it got a little boring. On the Wednesday I played Basketball against Gabe,Ollie and Max’s team. But we didn’t win.

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