Cricket – Favourite Things.

My favourite thing is cricket. I love it because my dad used to be a professinol cricketer. I also love watching australia play in one dayers, tests and also 20 twentys. I really love watching the 20 twenty big bash because there are a lot of wickets, 4’s and 6’s. I also play myself. I have played 3 seasons in under 11’s, 1 season in under 13’s and 1 match for seniors. My last season was the first to get recorded. Because in under 11’s it’s just for fun, but in under 13’s there are finals, awards and trophies. I also played a game for seniors, I played with my dad so it was the first father and son game for me and my dad. But I still have many more to come. Here is a link to my profile. My team made it to the semi final but lost.

2 thoughts on “Cricket – Favourite Things.

  1. hey josh,

    I agree that cricket is one of the best sports int the world. I love how you have taken everything one step at a time by talking about your Dad playing cricket, watching cricket, playing your self and then to top it off a link to your teams profile. Great work mate keep it up!

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