20/6/2013-27/6/20013 Weekly post

On Friday night I played football against the other undefeated team, Barwon Heads. We were not thinking we would win by 47 points. The final score was Barwon Heads 0-0-0 to us 6-11-47. On the Sunday it was my Confirmation Mass. It was a special day for all the Confirmation candidates. On the Wednesday it was an assembly run by the year 6’s. It was very funny. On the Thursday my brother played basketball. He was undefeated for the season sos that meant his team were the premiers.

13/6/2013-20/6/2013 Weekly post

On the Thursday our freinds from Sydney arrived. They are here to stay for the weekend. On the Saturday I played football against Ocean Grove. we won by abot 50 points. After that we went for lunch in Geelong. Then after lunch mum, dad, Hunter and our freinds from Sydney took me to a special place for my birthday. I didn’t know where we were going until we got there. We arrived at a Go Karting track. I was so excited. I beat dad, Steve and Hunter so I was happy. After that they took me to Cold Rock the Ice Creamery. I was excited again. That night mum, dad, Steve and Kerry went to the school trivia night. They won the whole thing as well as mum winning the crown raffle. She won a night at Crown hotel. On the Tuesday my Nanna came back from her 8 week trip from England.

6/6/2013-13/6/2013 weekly post

On the Friday it was my birthday. I was pretty dissapointed because I had to go to school. I got a Go Pro, some mounts and some other cool things. That night I played football against Leopold. I was captain with Cooper because his birthday was on the saturday. It wasn’t a smooth night because in the under 10’s game the umpire told a kid to run behind him while he was balling it up he said run to the kid and through it over his head. Our runner went up to him and disscused it. Then after the game the umpire came to our runner and argued then mum got involved and got pushed by an angry women. But the good thing is is my team won. On the Saturday my family and I went to Forrest. we went with some other familys. We went to heaps of places as well as cool bike rides. On the Tuesday My dad and I had to go in to Melbourne for my dad’s job interview that was a fun day.

Re Homework

My mum, shows a lot of fruits and gifts all the time. She shows a lot of patience and she shows respect to everyone. Mum shows patience when Hunter and I don’t listen to her or do the right thing. A lot of people tell my family that I have the nicest and happiest mum. She also puts other people first and thinks about caring for other people before herself. She always is helping other people and they can always rely on her to do the right thing. She is extremely generous with both her time and money. She gives her time to the school when she organises big P&F events. My Mum also organised for our family to sponsor a child in Africa because they are a lot less fortunate than we are.



My footprint.

If everyone lived like me we would have to have 2.1 earths to give us resources. I could probably cut down a bit on travel in cars and use a bike or bus. We could also get solar panels. That would bring it down a lot. If we get solar panels we could generate so much sun power we could sell it back to the electricity company. I could also recycle more stuff, like card board box’s and other things.  I think the footprint calculator could change people’s lifestyle when they take the quiz. I think it is a great thing to do.