13/6/2013-20/6/2013 Weekly post

On the Thursday our freinds from Sydney arrived. They are here to stay for the weekend. On the Saturday I played football against Ocean Grove. we won by abot 50 points. After that we went for lunch in Geelong. Then after lunch mum, dad, Hunter and our freinds from Sydney took me to a special place for my birthday. I didn’t know where we were going until we got there. We arrived at a Go Karting track. I was so excited. I beat dad, Steve and Hunter so I was happy. After that they took me to Cold Rock the Ice Creamery. I was excited again. That night mum, dad, Steve and Kerry went to the school trivia night. They won the whole thing as well as mum winning the crown raffle. She won a night at Crown hotel. On the Tuesday my Nanna came back from her 8 week trip from England.

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