6/6/2013-13/6/2013 weekly post

On the Friday it was my birthday. I was pretty dissapointed because I had to go to school. I got a Go Pro, some mounts and some other cool things. That night I played football against Leopold. I was captain with Cooper because his birthday was on the saturday. It wasn’t a smooth night because in the under 10’s game the umpire told a kid to run behind him while he was balling it up he said run to the kid and through it over his head. Our runner went up to him and disscused it. Then after the game the umpire came to our runner and argued then mum got involved and got pushed by an angry women. But the good thing is is my team won. On the Saturday my family and I went to Forrest. we went with some other familys. We went to heaps of places as well as cool bike rides. On the Tuesday My dad and I had to go in to Melbourne for my dad’s job interview that was a fun day.

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