Big Idea

Mind, Body and Soul.


This semester the 5/6 students have done an activity called big idea. We have done activitys on Mind, Body and Soul. My favourite Mind activity was Lava Pit. This game is a team game where you have to get to the other side of the Basketball court without stepping out of the hoop. My favourite Body activity was Hearts ‘R’ usIn this activity we had a feel of chicken hearts and also sheep hearts. One girl even licked it it was so funny. My favourite Soul activity was Combo Station. In this activity we did 5 different activitys. They were Ipads, Sketching, Puzzels, Picture story books and Computers. My favourite over all was Combo Station.


For the rest of the term I am going to be using my intrest of AFLto link in with our topic of Mind, Body and Soul and complete 3 tasks that i have negotiated with a 5/6 teacher.



Negotiated Task 1  Do a footy clinic for some 1/2 students to particapate in. There will be marking, Goal Kicking, kicking and Handballing. I will be using the hanball target for the to practice kicking and handballing acuracy.


Negotiated task 2 I will make three posters on Afl. One will be on the club songs, another on distences players, umpires and athletes run each week and the other one will be on Infomation of AFL.


Negotiated task 3  Email the Sydney swans and see what the training and Diet sceduale for the normal week. I haven’t got an email back yet,still waiting.

To get these tasks completed i will need to

Work hard

Manage my time well

Email the Swans

Find Info

Film the Footy clinic

Orginise the clinic well

Find all the club songs

Find out the distances

Watch a lot of Footy games

The expo is on the 22nd of June thats when all my work will be presented to parents, students, class mates and teachers.

I am half way through my project so I am going very well. We have 8 hours left of our Big Idea/ Negotiated task. The footy clinic will be filmed on the 14th of June. We have eleven kids particapating in the clinic. Our teacher will be filming it while we do the talking and the teaching, it will go for one hour of the day. We will have some competitions at the end after the Qualifiing. There are all different kinds of projects think of one, leave a comment then I will say yes there is one.


My plan for the clinic is simple. When the kids come outside I will get them to sit down then I will tell them what I am going to do for all of them. I will then take them to the goals for goal kicking and the goal kicking compitition. The people that win each comp will go in the big compitition. Then I will take them to the handballing target. Again who ever gets the most points goes into the big comp. Then to kicking, I will get them a partner so they can kick to each other. Then we will do the drop and mark comp. Which ever group goes the furthest without droping it wins and goes into big comp. After that I will take them to do marking. I will drop it down to them so the practise their over head marking. Then I will kick to them and see how many marks they get. Who ever takes the most marks out of ten goes into the big comp. After we do the reflection we will do the big comp. All the people in it will have to complete. The first challenge will be to kick ten goals from where you mark the ball. The second challenge is to handball ten balls into the target and each time you get it in you move back one step. The third challenge is to specky me and mark it. Then they have to run one lap of the oval to get a baton. They will use that baton to complete the race. The last challenge is to run through little hurdles and crawl through the big hurdles the won to cross the line first wins the prize.


I have officialy completed my Big Idea AFL project. I have had to fill out a self assessment and also a self reflection. My peers and teacher had to fill out a peer assessment and a teacher assessment. My self assessment was very different to my peer assessment.


My favourite part about Big idea is learning new things about my favourite things and also things that I don’t really like. Because you can then teach someone or other kids what it is or how they do it.


I am most proud of the clinic that I ran for the year one and twos because it has been the most active and definately the most hardest project ever.   It was hard because the kids in the clinic didn’t listen to what I was saying.


I got alot better at making posters more detailed and also to plan and create a clinic. I also got better at doing bibliography. Bibliography is when you record what sites, books or news papers you got the infomation from.


I was suprised that I was able to finish with one and a half sessions to go. I didn’t think I would finish in this time because I was helping people film and create their movies or power points. I stared in three movies and  two power points.


I also wish I had more time because I was going to start to record player distances of  how far some star players in the Afl  run in a game.  I would have liked to have seen the results I would have got.


I will always remember the expo because there were so many good and interesting projects on nearly everything. I also went to see the 3/4 expo. They only just had posters or power points they didn’t present their work very well.




One thought on “Big Idea

  1. I really enjoyed reading this Big Idea blog, and am very proud of what you achieved whilst investigating AFL. I have spoken to some of the mothers of the grade1/2’s who participated in your footy clinic, and they all said how much they loved it, so well done!
    However, I was completely horrified by the story of the girl who licked the heart in the Hearts r us activity, so I must go now and find a bucket as I feel very sick……

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