Weekly post- Week 9

This week I am trying Netball for the first time. We play inter school  sports every Friday and I normally play football, but this time I am playing Netball. I have never played it but I know a lot of the the rules, because I watched the ANZ championship. I have just seen the weather and it looks like rain a lot of the day. Some year 6 students including me have just wrote a letter to the principal and sports coordinator about a tennis team. We are also thinking about a new cricket team. I have just finished the book Holes. That has been my favourite book ever.

Religion project

My group was Charlie, Josh VS, Matt and I. We were investigating Sikhism. Sikhism is a religion from India. It is similar to the Catholic religion because it has one God and it has rules and regulations/customs. Some customs of theirs are they have to have uncut hair, they are allowed to wear Turbins, thy have to wear a steel bracelet and have a steel sword. I think we did a good job with our Prezi, we included lots of information and a diagram of a temple they use.

20/6/2013-27/6/20013 Weekly post

On Friday night I played football against the other undefeated team, Barwon Heads. We were not thinking we would win by 47 points. The final score was Barwon Heads 0-0-0 to us 6-11-47. On the Sunday it was my Confirmation Mass. It was a special day for all the Confirmation candidates. On the Wednesday it was an assembly run by the year 6’s. It was very funny. On the Thursday my brother played basketball. He was undefeated for the season sos that meant his team were the premiers.

13/6/2013-20/6/2013 Weekly post

On the Thursday our freinds from Sydney arrived. They are here to stay for the weekend. On the Saturday I played football against Ocean Grove. we won by abot 50 points. After that we went for lunch in Geelong. Then after lunch mum, dad, Hunter and our freinds from Sydney took me to a special place for my birthday. I didn’t know where we were going until we got there. We arrived at a Go Karting track. I was so excited. I beat dad, Steve and Hunter so I was happy. After that they took me to Cold Rock the Ice Creamery. I was excited again. That night mum, dad, Steve and Kerry went to the school trivia night. They won the whole thing as well as mum winning the crown raffle. She won a night at Crown hotel. On the Tuesday my Nanna came back from her 8 week trip from England.

My footprint.

If everyone lived like me we would have to have 2.1 earths to give us resources. I could probably cut down a bit on travel in cars and use a bike or bus. We could also get solar panels. That would bring it down a lot. If we get solar panels we could generate so much sun power we could sell it back to the electricity company. I could also recycle more stuff, like card board box’s and other things.  I think the footprint calculator could change people’s lifestyle when they take the quiz. I think it is a great thing to do.

weekly post 17-5/13-23/5/13

On saturday I was in sydney. I went to watch my friend play netball. She unfortunately lost by 2 but had a great game. After that I travelled down to Bondi to have a look at the beech and see the life guards. I also had a look at the skate park. The bowl was about 10 metres deep so it was cool to see skaters do there tricks. That night I went to the SCG to watch the swans take on Freo. It was a close game. At the end It was a draw. On sunday I flew back to Melbourne. On Wednesday I played basketball against the swisheroos, we lost but it was Donovans first ever basketball game. It was exciting for him.

weekly post-10/5/13-17/5/13

On Friday it was the mothers day stall. I bought mum a photo frame and a key ring. On saturday I played football against Grovedale. we beat them by more  than 70 points. I then drove up to Melbourne to see the swans take on the hawks. The good thing was I was in a box but the bad thing was we lost. On sunday we drove down to Albert park to go to a clinic run by the swans. I had so much fun. On wednesday I played basketball against the sharks. We unfortunately lost but my team and I played well. On Friday I left early from school to fly to sydney. Read Weekly Post-17/5/13- 23/5/13 to find out about my holiday in Sydney.

Weekly post-3/5/13-10/5/13

On the sunday I played football against Torquay Grossman. I had a sucsessful game kicking 3 goals. We beat them by about 60 points, Which was a great win.  On Tuesday I did a golf clinic. Our focus was chipping. My chipping was alright but I could improve. Then after that I went to footy training.