Cricket – Favourite Things.

My favourite thing is cricket. I love it because my dad used to be a professinol cricketer. I also love watching australia play in one dayers, tests and also 20 twentys. I really love watching the 20 twenty big bash because there are a lot of wickets, 4’s and 6’s. I also play myself. I have played 3 seasons in under 11’s, 1 season in under 13’s and 1 match for seniors. My last season was the first to get recorded. Because in under 11’s it’s just for fun, but in under 13’s there are finals, awards and trophies. I also played a game for seniors, I played with my dad so it was the first father and son game for me and my dad. But I still have many more to come. Here is a link to my profile. My team made it to the semi final but lost.

Weekly Post. 26/4/13-3/5/13

On Anzac day I did a reading at the dawn service. I was reading in front of 9,000 people but I wasn’t nervous. I thought I read well and my mum said I did as well. I also had to lay a wreath for St Therese. When I was called up to lay it they called the wrong name. I was doing it with Maddy Thomson. On the Friday night I played Football against Lara. It wasn’t my best game. On the Monday I competed in school soccer. We lost our first game but won our 2nd and 3rd game. But sadly didn’t make it to the next round. On the Tuesday night I went to Hunters Reconciliation. But For an hour we were watching kids just speak to the preist so it got a little boring. On the Wednesday I played Basketball against Gabe,Ollie and Max’s team. But we didn’t win.

10 Best jobs

  1. Professional sports person. I love sport so much I would be so happy to make a living out of sport.
  2. Event management. I would love to do this job because I love planning events.
  3. Pilot. I would love to be a pilot because I love flying and going through security.
  4. Sports reporter. I would love to be a sports reporter because I get to know all the results of all the games and my favourite thing is sport.
  5. Doctor. I would love to be a doctor because I like seeing cuts and people getting operated on. I love to learn how to do the things they do as well as stuff inside the human body. I like helping people.
  6. Lego designer. I have always loved lego and I have built my own models and added parts to my lego structures over time so I would love to do this Job.
  7. Graphic designer. I love creating new designs and models so I would be so happy to have this job.
  8. Sports Coach. I would love to do this job because I love teaching other people skills I have learnt in my career of sport.
  9. Architect. This would be a good job for me because I love the thought of creating new homes and buildings.
  10. Policeman. I have all ways wanted to be a policeman because I just want to keep everyone safe.

My favourite 3 course meal

Glitter Text @



  • Corn Chips/$3.43
  • Tomato salsa/$3.21
  • Mozzarella cheese/$4.29





Glitter Text @

Oven Baked Salmon with Teryaki and Ginger Sauce with mixed Vegetables.


  • 4 pieces of skinless salmon with Teryaki and ginger sauce $ 18.64
  • Carrots/99c
  • Broccoli/ $1.19
  • Potatoes/ $3.50



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My famous Chocolate cake


  • M&M’s/$4.16
  • Milky ways/$4.29
  • Mini M&M’s/$4.16
  • Chocolate brownie mix/$5.36
  • Sprinkles/$2.00
  • Milk/93c
  • Butter/$1.29
  • Eggs/$2.99
  • Water
  • Olive Oil/$4.89


If I had $100 to spend I would have $34.68 left over. All this cost $64.32

My Dad

My dad is special to me for lots of different reasons. He is special to me because he has taght me everything I know about cricket. He coaches my team and my brothers team. He has coached my team for 4 years this is the 5th. He also comes out and practices with me every weekend and sometimes week nights. He also practices footy with me in the winter. He always looks out for me and stands up for me when I am down. He is very fair and always tells the truth.

Super Trawler

The super trawler is getting on everyone’s nerves. It is taking away all the fish so kids or all ages can’t do what they love or can catch their dinner the fun way. If the super trawler  stays there will be absolutely no fish left on Australian waters. The government should ban the ship and if it comes back they should sink it because it has come back un allowed.The super Trawler is smaller than the titanic but its nets could fit up to 13 jumbo planes. I think it should be banned.

Blogging challenge

At 5 in the morning Fred woke up and had some wasabi! Then he intruded planet poo with his sushi ship. He also stole sushi. He competed in the paralympics because he was a bit doopy because he had mental problems. The nextday he flew to the North pole and try to take the elfs from santa. Santa then helped his elfs by stinking the place out with his massive fart. Fred ran away and intercomed to his father his father didn’t come because he was in antartic. The sushi meat went of on his ship so his ship died. Then santa came running after him and caught him and said ‘WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE NEXT” Fred replied ” No you Monstrosity“. Then he ran away. He dived into the sea and fell onto a dolphin who was named Max his wife came up (Ella) and helped him carry the fat Fred to surface. Fred went to his home planet and lived happily ever after.

100WC-Student prompt

I woke up to hear my cat eating my work. I was so sad and mad because I had to do it again. Then I woke up my brother to go see how the surf was. I went to call cooper when he turned up at the door to say hello. I said I was just about to ring you. He also said do you want to surf on a boggy board. I said yes because it was something different and fun.We went out the back and got some massive waves except we couldn’t stand up we kept trying and but then cooper did it.