Day 1 23rd of March

At 11:OO AM I left school to go to the Airport. We stopped at papa’s place to say bye. Then we drove Dads hire car back to Mercedes Benz. Because his car was in servicing for 2 months. When we did that we went straight to the airport. When we got to Andrews parking we caught a bus from Andrews to the Airport. We arrived at the airport and had some food in the Qantas lounge before we got on the A380 Qantas plane heading for Singapore and then London. This is going to be a long time on the plane (24 hours).

Day 2 – Sat 24th March
We arrived at Heathrow airport in London at 5am in the morning after flying for 24 long hours and got on the underground train to head for our hotel in the middle of London, a place called Charing Cross just near Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. At Trafalgar Square there is a clock that is counting down the seconds, minutes and days to the start of the 2012 London Olympics. We checked in at the hotel but our room wasn’t ready so we went exploring around London. We went to Portobello Rd Market (the films Bed Knobs and Broomsticks and Notting Hill were filmed there)……my Mum was happy about going to the markets, but I wasn’t…it was a little boring. We then went to Hamleys Toy Shop and bought some really cool remote control helicopters. In the shop it was really fun as there were a lot of Lego statues of the Royal Family as well as a lot of shop assistants demonstrating all the new toys. It was lots of fun and one of the guys was demonstrating a toy that I bought (Mr Dando will really like this one).
We then went to M&M world which was a shop that was 4 floors high full of M&Ms…..there were 27 different colours of M&Ms. It was great fun.

Day 3 – 25th March
We had a really good sleep last night as we were really tired after our long flight. Today we went on a tour of London. We started off by walking along the famous road called The Mall which leads to Buckingham Palace. We saw the guards at Buckingham Palace and then we jumped on a bus and saw the sights of London such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the River Thames and lots of streets from the Monopoly board. That night we went on the London Eye which is a big ferris wheel where you can see the sights of London. It was really good fun. We then headed back to the hotel for another good nights sleep.

Day 4 – 26th March
We headed off early in the morning to go and get our hire car and then we headed for a place called Centre Parcs with my Dad’s best friend’s family. This is a really cool resort. In the resort there are no cars and we had to hire bikes so that we can get around the park. We got lots of bike locks with the bikes which we have kept. We got there quite late and headed straight for the pool which had the most amazing slides including a rapids slide, two tube slides and a speed slide. It was great fun. We stayed there so late that we only had dinner at 10.30pm that night.

Day 5 – Day 7 – 27/29th March
We did a lot of fun stuff at Centre Parcs. We played indoor tennis, we did tree top climbing, laser combat out in a big forest, quad bike riding, golf and then heaps of time spent playing at the pool. This was a great place which was lots of fun. There was a cool restaurant called the Pancake House but I didn’t really like the pancakes there.

Day 8 – 30th March
We headed down to Canterbury today and had a big family dinner with all of Mum’s family at a restaurant in a little village called Blean. Mum made a really good speech at the dinner which Hunter thought was an “awkward moment”. Tomorrow we are heading for France.

Day 9 – 31st March
We got up early and with some close family friends we drove to the place where you catch the Eurostar train that carries cars under the English Channel. It took 25 min in the train and we drove the car off at a place called Calais in France. We then spent the next 4 hours driving to Normandy (a province(like a state in Australia) in France). The hotel that we had booked was called a “Pigeonnaire” which is an old (300 years old) brick building that used to hold all the pigeons. Apparently the Germans stayed there during the war and 27 soldiers were sitting on the grass in front of the “Pigeonnaire” and saw about a 100 American soldiers coming down the driveway. All the German soldiers surrendered very quickly and the American soldiers took them prisoner. The German soldiers told the Americans where their 5 Officers were and the Americans went and found them in a Pub down the road and shot and killed them all. There are still some of the big guns that they used in the sheds on the property and one of the guns was used in a movie called Saving Private Ryan.

Day 10 – Day 15 – 01/6th April
We had a busy week in France. We stayed in the area where there was a famous battle in World War 2. It was where the British and American soldiers landed in France on the 6th June 1944. We went to a few war museums where we sat in a few glider aircraft as well as a Dakota plane. We also saw lots of cannons and machine guns. We also went on a tour of all the beaches where the soldiers landed. I learnt a lot about the war on this tour. We even saw a famous bridge, called Pegasus Bridge, go up and down to let some boats through.
While we were in France we also went to a place called Festyland which is a theme park near where we stayed. This was the best fun and I went on all the rides. My Dad came on a few rides with me and he ended up feeling really sick for the rest of the day. When I get back to Australia I will load up some photos of these rides.
While I was in France I got addicted to Nutella Crepes (like pancakes) as well as French baguettes. I had some every day.

Day 16 – Day 22 – 07/13th April
We had to wake up very early (6am) in the morning as we had to catch a boat back to England from France. The boat left France at 8.30am and it was really fun on the boat. On the boat there were two competitions…..Hunter won one and I won the other. We each won a Frisbee, a few packets of M&Ms a bouncy ball and a certificate. There was also a magician on the boat. He had a puppet dog called Sandy and he was really funny……he even peed on us in the audience. After about 6 hours on the boat we drove the car off and started our 3 hour drive to my Nanna & Grandads house in Devon. My Dad’s brother Patrick and my cousin Ciera were also there. We stayed at a holiday park where we did lots of cool things like Aeroball (this was so much fun that we did it 3 times), disc golf, tree top trekking (Hunter managed to unclip both his clips and he was about 12 meters above the ground), fencing , raft building and Go Medley, which is like a mini Olympics. At the end of the fencing we had a fencing tournament and we each had about 5 duals against other people. It was really good fun being able to “sword fight”.
Also near my Nanna & Grandad’s house is a place called Trago Mills which is like a fun park except it doesn’t have rollercoasters. My favourite ride was the Eagle Go Karts, the bumper boats and the Super Karts. We ended going there going twice in the week. Tomorrow we are heading back to London to have a party with all my Dad’s family. We only have 3 days left on our holiday before we have to get back on the plane for the long trip back home.

4 thoughts on “Europe

  1. Hi Josh,
    Its callum i looked at your little post it sounds complicated with you going everywhere.i was wondering While you were on the plane what did you do? and would you please put some pictures on the blog because i would love to see some?

  2. Hi Josh,
    I was just looking at your blog and you must be very tired when you got there.I was wondering if you could put some pictures of your holiday.

  3. The places you visited in London were places I enjoyed visiting too. What places were you not able to go to that you would like to go to next time?

    I think it would have been good to catch up with family.

    A well written recount of your adventures.

    Well Done

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