I have been working on trying to improve on making my posts better in the Blogging sessions with Miss Rayson. she has taught us all the short cuts to printing, copying, pasting and lots more little things she has made easy. Each week we have a word of the week last week it was Flabbergasted not many of us knew what it meant but it worked. This weeks word will be revealed on Thursday. Last week it was about …the noise was terryfying but… it was hard. You had 107 words to work with because the words you had to add in. We could improve our learning further by maby letting us teach a teacher one day or if Miss Rayson put the insructiong on the main blog and we had to follow them. I found writting with 107 words hard because you didn’t have many words to use or play with. I could improve on making my storys have more meat or make them more interesting.

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