My footprint.

If everyone lived like me we would have to have 2.1 earths to give us resources. I could probably cut down a bit on travel in cars and use a bike or bus. We could also get solar panels. That would bring it down a lot. If we get solar panels we could generate so much sun power we could sell it back to the electricity company. I could also recycle more stuff, like card board box’s and other things.  I think the footprint calculator could change people’s lifestyle when they take the quiz. I think it is a great thing to do.

weekly post 17-5/13-23/5/13

On saturday I was in sydney. I went to watch my friend play netball. She unfortunately lost by 2 but had a great game. After that I travelled down to Bondi to have a look at the beech and see the life guards. I also had a look at the skate park. The bowl was about 10 metres deep so it was cool to see skaters do there tricks. That night I went to the SCG to watch the swans take on Freo. It was a close game. At the end It was a draw. On sunday I flew back to Melbourne. On Wednesday I played basketball against the swisheroos, we lost but it was Donovans first ever basketball game. It was exciting for him.

weekly post-10/5/13-17/5/13

On Friday it was the mothers day stall. I bought mum a photo frame and a key ring. On saturday I played football against Grovedale. we beat them by more  than 70 points. I then drove up to Melbourne to see the swans take on the hawks. The good thing was I was in a box but the bad thing was we lost. On sunday we drove down to Albert park to go to a clinic run by the swans. I had so much fun. On wednesday I played basketball against the sharks. We unfortunately lost but my team and I played well. On Friday I left early from school to fly to sydney. Read Weekly Post-17/5/13- 23/5/13 to find out about my holiday in Sydney.

Weekly post-3/5/13-10/5/13

On the sunday I played football against Torquay Grossman. I had a sucsessful game kicking 3 goals. We beat them by about 60 points, Which was a great win.  On Tuesday I did a golf clinic. Our focus was chipping. My chipping was alright but I could improve. Then after that I went to footy training.

Cricket – Favourite Things.

My favourite thing is cricket. I love it because my dad used to be a professinol cricketer. I also love watching australia play in one dayers, tests and also 20 twentys. I really love watching the 20 twenty big bash because there are a lot of wickets, 4’s and 6’s. I also play myself. I have played 3 seasons in under 11’s, 1 season in under 13’s and 1 match for seniors. My last season was the first to get recorded. Because in under 11’s it’s just for fun, but in under 13’s there are finals, awards and trophies. I also played a game for seniors, I played with my dad so it was the first father and son game for me and my dad. But I still have many more to come. Here is a link to my profile. My team made it to the semi final but lost.

Weekly Post. 26/4/13-3/5/13

On Anzac day I did a reading at the dawn service. I was reading in front of 9,000 people but I wasn’t nervous. I thought I read well and my mum said I did as well. I also had to lay a wreath for St Therese. When I was called up to lay it they called the wrong name. I was doing it with Maddy Thomson. On the Friday night I played Football against Lara. It wasn’t my best game. On the Monday I competed in school soccer. We lost our first game but won our 2nd and 3rd game. But sadly didn’t make it to the next round. On the Tuesday night I went to Hunters Reconciliation. But For an hour we were watching kids just speak to the preist so it got a little boring. On the Wednesday I played Basketball against Gabe,Ollie and Max’s team. But we didn’t win.

10 Best jobs

  1. Professional sports person. I love sport so much I would be so happy to make a living out of sport.
  2. Event management. I would love to do this job because I love planning events.
  3. Pilot. I would love to be a pilot because I love flying and going through security.
  4. Sports reporter. I would love to be a sports reporter because I get to know all the results of all the games and my favourite thing is sport.
  5. Doctor. I would love to be a doctor because I like seeing cuts and people getting operated on. I love to learn how to do the things they do as well as stuff inside the human body. I like helping people.
  6. Lego designer. I have always loved lego and I have built my own models and added parts to my lego structures over time so I would love to do this Job.
  7. Graphic designer. I love creating new designs and models so I would be so happy to have this job.
  8. Sports Coach. I would love to do this job because I love teaching other people skills I have learnt in my career of sport.
  9. Architect. This would be a good job for me because I love the thought of creating new homes and buildings.
  10. Policeman. I have all ways wanted to be a policeman because I just want to keep everyone safe.

The peeing flying lion, also my pet.

“AWWW” my dad screamed. I ran over to him to see if he is okay. He said he saw a lion weeing on another person he said the person was dead. He looked like a person any way. I then said to my dad “can I go look for the lion”. He said yes but only if I took a spear. I said “fine”.  I took the spear but when dad couldn’t see me I threw it away. I then saw a sleeping beauty sleeping in the middle of the forrest. The sleeping beauty is actualy the lion. I went over and poked it. It then lifted its leg and some liquid spourted out and hit me right in the face. I was so surprised i opened my mouth. It was the worst idea. The liquid then went in my mouth, it was disgustingly tasty. I then screamed. He woke up.He then pined me to a tree and opened his mouth. As he was moving foward I yelled out “Freinds”. He then stopped and sat down. I then said roll over. He rolled over, then peed again. Then I heard a fly going around me. “Fly” I said. Meaning it to the fly. But the lion then started to fly. He put his paw out and I grabbed on to it. He pulled me up on to his back and we flew back to my camp. He then stayed the night at my camp. We were leaving the next day so I asked dad if he could come home with us and be my pet. He said “yes”.

….The car stopped suddenly.100 word Challenge

My  mum said to me she needed to go down to the shops to get some new books for her home book store, so I went along with her. We hopped in the car and started to drive, then the car stopped suddenly. I couldn’t see what was wrong but mum looked worried. Then I saw a man in a blue outfit that said police on the front. He walked up to my window and looked inside. He then walked back to mum and put this thing in her mouth he then said bye. “Ready” mum said. “yes” I said.

My favourite 3 course meal

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  • Corn Chips/$3.43
  • Tomato salsa/$3.21
  • Mozzarella cheese/$4.29





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Oven Baked Salmon with Teryaki and Ginger Sauce with mixed Vegetables.


  • 4 pieces of skinless salmon with Teryaki and ginger sauce $ 18.64
  • Carrots/99c
  • Broccoli/ $1.19
  • Potatoes/ $3.50



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My famous Chocolate cake


  • M&M’s/$4.16
  • Milky ways/$4.29
  • Mini M&M’s/$4.16
  • Chocolate brownie mix/$5.36
  • Sprinkles/$2.00
  • Milk/93c
  • Butter/$1.29
  • Eggs/$2.99
  • Water
  • Olive Oil/$4.89


If I had $100 to spend I would have $34.68 left over. All this cost $64.32