My iPod Touch 8G with Macbook screen reflection
google cricket bat & ball
Waving with the big flag
lego cityh=”500″ height=”306″ alt=”Restoring a classic”>
365.96 - I'm basically lazy...

I was laying on my bed when I saw a little black fly fly into my room and land on my Ipod, he accidently pressed on instagram he then saw a picture of a angry bird he then flew onto my cricket bat. He flew over it for a while then landed on it, after a while he flew over to my sydney swans flag he stayed on it for like 10 minutes. I think it goes for Collingwood. It then flew to my lego table. It looked like it was pretending to be a police man. He then landed on my penny board then he flew on to my raybans and scratched them he finaly left. he looked everywhere in my room.